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About Us

The Hyojeong Academy organizes  international academic conference twice a year. It aims to spread and apply the value of Interdependence, Co-existence, Mutual Prosperity. In January 2023, the first academic conference will be held centered on  research groups and collaborators. The participants are scholars from Korea, United States, Japan, Europe, and Africa.

Co-Organized by Research Groups


1 / Life Science & Physical Science & Health Science

Assess the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and green technology on sustainable economic growth

Assessing the economic impacts of green technology: comparing the costs incurred in Developing green energy and the economic benefits.

Unification medical science

How sustainable is the environment in the age of the 4th industrial revolution?

2 / Religious Studies & Social Science

Examining the relationship between social change and religion

The religious perspective on the role and importance of women in modern society

How to develop interfaith activities at the regional level

How to develop interfaith activities at the regional level/ for the students

3 / Regional Studies & Devlopment Studies

Assessing the impact of social media on digital transformation and technology transfer to developing countries

The role of education in ensuring the socio-economic development of immerging countries

Assessing the role of international communities such as the UN in eliminating poverty and inequality around the world

4 / Innovation of materials & Future Transportation

A study on the performance restoration of man-made mechanical parts. (Restoration mechanism)

Organizational Committees

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