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Religious Study in Korea

Family Dharma Gathering as a way to Revitalize the Buddhist Church in the era of with COVID-19.

Jaeyoung Lee, Yoonsik Hwang

The use and conceptual composition of ‘Sim-Jung’ or ‘Heart’ in the Family Federation for the World Peace and Unification (FFWP)

Yunjung Chang, Junghyun Park, Jaeil Lee

Pastoral Activities for Morale of Church Members

Moyoung Lee, Jaeyoung Lee, Junghyun Park,

A study on performance theory based on unification ideology

Hyunmin Ryu, Hyeseong Jeong, Jaeyoung Lee

A study of Prospects and Problems of the Church of the Future

Inje Ryu, Jaeyoung Lee

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