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Studies of Environment & Public health in Africa

Environmental Air Pollution, Metabolic Disorders and COVID-19 Fatality: Interlinkages that Jeopardize Health Sustainability in the Pandemic Era

Nlandu Roger NGATU, Luzitu Severin NANGANA

HIV Seropositivity, Religious Affiliation and Sexual Violence incidence Among School Students in Conflict-affected Country: Need for an Integrated School Health and Moral Education Program in DR Congo

Nlandu Roger NGATU, Christian-Mapong WANSU, Alpha N. KINGO, Luzitu S. NANGANA, Leon N. KABAMBA

Potential and Actual Economic Gains of Restoring Degraded Communal Lands: A Review

Haileselassie Ghebremariam Araya, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Stephen Mureithi, Emiru Berhane

The Environmental Kuznets Curve Thesis Applied To The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Maganya H. Innocent, Catherine Muia, Burhan Warsame

The Critical effect of the climate crisis on the poor in Africa

Ali Adan

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